My Software Projects

My Working Environment:
Kernel Hacking:
It has a separated location, see my Kernel Hacking page.

These are the basics of my softwares, especially for desktop and big embedded targets.
Desktop Softwares:
Embedded Systems:
The Embedded Systems are small microcomputers with usually flash disc and small amount (e.g. 256 Mb) of memory. However, they can have desktop-like properties, such as (toush)screen, keyboard, and mouse, so in some cases the softwares listed here can be run on desktop computers and vice versa.
Small Embedded Systems:
These Embedded Systems do not have any operating system nor Human Interface Devices. They have very small amount of resources (e.g. less than 1K of memory in some cases), so this is the most specific case of programming.
See my article about using C++ on such devices.