GPS Library  0.1
GPS driver and NMEA parser
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NMEAMessages.h File Reference
#include <Exceptions/Exceptions.h>
#include <GPS/Interpreter/NMEA/NMEAInfo.h>
#include <GPS/Interpreter/NMEA/I_NMEAMessage.h>
#include <inttypes.h>
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class  GPGGA_Interpreter
 Global Positioning System Fix Data. More...
struct  GPGGA_Interpreter::data
class  GPGSA_Interpreter
 GPS DOP and active satellites. More...
struct  GPGSA_Interpreter::data
class  GPRMC_Interpreter
 Recommended minimum specific GPS/Transit data. More...
struct  GPRMC_Interpreter::data
class  GPGSV_Interpreter
 GPS Satellites in view. More...
struct  GPGSV_Interpreter::data