Etiner Database Converter  0.1.0
Database Converter from OpenStreetMap XML/PBF format
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OpenStreetMap XML input parser

The input parser interprets the XML format OSM database file and stores the information on the fly. It is necessary because of the size of input: I do not want to store hundreds of gigabytes in the memory.

  • Interpreter:
    The interpreter is written in yacc, and compiled by Bison. See the source file src/parser/xml-parser.y for details.
    The interpreter itself is simple: just interprets the XML tags and passes the content to the class XML_Handler.
    The functions XML_Handler::Open() and XML_Handler::Close() are called on the XML tags, respectively. See more details there.

  • XML Tags:
    All tags are interpreted: their name and content are passed to the function XML_Handler::Open(), see more details there.

  • Accepted input:
    The following input formats are accepted:
    • <name content>:
      Opens a named tag. The optional content can contain any number of var="value" assignments (see Content of Tags below).
      The function XML_Handler::Open() is called, see more information there.

    • </ name>:
      Close the tag and process the result. The function XML_Handler::Close() is called, see more information there.

    • <name content />:
      The above mentioned open and close in one line. This tag cannot have sub-tags.

    • Tag Recursion:
      The class XML_Content holds all the information of a tag: its name, content, and sub-tags.
      The sub-tags are handled by the class I_XML_Behavior, see the details there.

  • Content of Tags:
    The tags can have any number of such assignments:
        name = "value"
    where 'name' and 'value' are stored as strings.
        <node id="298884269" lat="54.0901746" lon="12.2482632">